Art center celebrates with 75 inspiring questions

By STUDY28|Violette Stepaniuk

Oh my, what a find! Totally in line with the STUDY28 challenge.

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a video that opens with: “Question everything.” It’s music to my ears. Take a look:

And, here are the Walker’s 75 QUESTIONS (asked and answered) to celebrate their anniversary:

1. Shall we take it?

2. Why do we ask questions?

3. What can art teach us?

4. Can anything be beautiful?

5. What can we learn from the past?

6. Who wins a culture war?

7. How do you design your life?

8. What is a safe place for unsafe ideas?

9. Why not a fork?

10. What is an art centre?

11. How do we remember?

12. What is your reality?

13. Are you what you read?

14. Where do you lose yourself?

15. Where can art take you?

16. What’s your vision?

17. How do you see yourself?

18. How do we deal with loss?

19. How does technology transform art?

20. Can film really tell the truth?

21. Can art still shock us?

22. What moves you?

23. Is the world your stage?

24. Can you bring art home?

25. How do we choreograph the everyday?

26. What role does chance play?

27. What if there was no art?

28. Would you like to tell your story?

29. How do we connect?

30. When is love political?

31. Does a museum need walls?

32. Who owns the river?

33. Who is the expert?

34. How does art mirror life?

35. Are you open to interpretation?

36. Is utopia achievable?

37. What do we hold dear?

38. Is modern art scary?

39. Is this a dream?

40. What is the meaning of life?

41. Why is this art?

42. Can I touch it?

43. Are you ahead of the curve?

44. What would you do on an open field?

45. How does film create culture?

46. When do you speak out?

47. How do we build community online?

48. How do we make art together?

49. What land do you belong to?

50. Can art be silenced?

51. Does art imitate life?

52. What mask do you wear?

53. Who will preserve culture?

54. What is a living sculpture?

55. How do you balance your life?

56. Should art speak for itself?

57. Can art start a conversation?

58. What does it mean to not participate?

59. Where can art happen?

60. What makes a commons public?

61. Where do I end and you begin?

62. How do you disappear?

63. Is “post-racial” a fantasy?

64. Where do you belong?

65. What makes a body beautiful?

66. Is the art world inherently sexist?

67. How do you see the world?

68. Isn’t all art “global art”?

69. How do we challenge our own beliefs?

70. Do categories matter?

71. What defines our heritage?

72. Does it make sense?

73. How does the margin define the centre?

74. Where you there?

75. Can art take us into the future?

Excellent and thought provoking. That’s what I call a celebration! My brain is tingling with ideas how to apply these questions to art appreciation, so stay tuned.

Ps. Must make my way to the Walker, the home of Morris Louis’ Number 28.

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