Carol Howard Donati remarks on our daily habits


Sometimes art is simply play and fun. And I had plenty of both trying to decipher Carol Howard Donati’s “remarks” at the Trinity Art Gallery. Her exhibition Remark is a collection of wall-hangings made of reclaimed fabric, plastic packaging and other household remnants, and bits of nature for balance. But, as is the case with modern art, it took determination to get to the fun part.

No such thing as too much Escher: Reflections on Escher retrospective, part II


About a week after speaking with Sonia Del Re, I made my way back to the exhibition to see whether what I have learned affected my perception of Escher’s art. I started with the artist’s early works, the Italian landscapes, and slowly made my way through the rest of the exhibition, taking time to absorb the variety of shapes and what was happening to them.

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