Tom Thomson’s The West Wind at NGC well worth a visit

The West Wind painting by Tom Thomson

“The West Wind” by Tom Thomson is one of the most recognizable images in the history of Canadian art, and it is on display at the National Gallery of Canada as part of the Tom Thomson: The Jack Pine and The West Wind exhibition. “Nothing new,” you might say. While it’s a familiar image, it’s not exactly a “celebrity” painting like the Mona Lisa, worthy of an envy-inspiring selfie. So why bother making a trip to the National Gallery to see the actual work when a postcard will do? Plenty, I say, and here’s why.

I Want To See What She’s Seeing

NAC Underpass by Abigail Gossage

I love to be surprised by a work of art, and Abigail Gossage’s photograph of the NAC underpass did just that when I stumbled upon it on the artist’s website.

“Wow,” I said. “I want to see what she is seeing.”

Having taken strolls along the National Arts Centre stretch of the Rideau Canal, I knew exactly where Gossage stood when she snapped her shot. My memory, however, recalled only a cold concrete tunnel − not the visually rich and engaging composition of light and shadow, curves and lines, textures and patterns, that the artist captured.

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