Nature’s art abundant at Potholes Provincial Park

By STUDY28|Violette Stepaniuk

N ature is one of my favourite artists. Anywhere you look, there is so much on display. Always changing, surprising, exciting and breathtaking. Just like at the end of last summer, when on a cool and rainy day, I discovered Potholes Provincial Park, a nature reserve in the boreal forest east of Wawa, Ontario and a remarkable geological “gallery”.

Its key attraction are the rock “sculptures” shaped 10,000 years ago by the combined forces of rock fragments and water from melting glaciers. The Potholes collection, however, offers eye-catching displays as well as concealed surprises, so like with any exhibition, slow looking pays dividends. What do you see?

Rock sculptures

All photos by Violette Stepaniuk

Impressionist landscapes

Moss cave paintings and abstracts

Tree installations

Moss textiles

The Woman profile (in case you missed it earlier)

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