Question Mark butterfly tours my garden

By STUDY28|Violette Stepaniuk

For all the nature-loving moms, especially my own…

A Question Mark butterfly visited my garden this morning. To my absolute delight, and true to its name, it explored one thing after another, high and low, over and under, curious about anything and everything, like a baby who just learned to walk.

As lovely as it was, it tried my patience, too. How do you photograph a butterfly? By hit and miss, as it turns out. Definitely more misses than hits, in my case.

After posing nicely on a mulberry tree, Question Mark moved to a lounger just below. Then, with its belly up (or is it wings up) under budding leaves, it hung like a paper cut-out. Such fine detail to the edge, but where did all the colours go? Is it ticklish?

Lower still, it checked out lilies of the valley, well on their way. Some rebellious and defiant, soon they will fill the air with fragrance like only they can. Can butterflies smell? I hope so.

Flying up again, it visited with young willow twigs in their baby pinks. And with a purple shrub where the old mix with the new. Admired some tangled branches in their spring green, a nature’s take on Jackson Pollock (although, technically Pollock did copy nature first), and a two-tone eager beaver rushing into bloom.

Finally, it skimmed through last year’s specials, and just like that it was gone. Perhaps it will be back for strawberry rhubarb pie.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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