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Experience alluring strangeness of Andrew Wright’s artwork


I realized that not only did the whole exhibition seem strange and ad hoc, but that there was something strange, eerie, and mysterious about each piece. What is strange about a rock or a snow bank? Under normal circumstances, or should I say in plain, everyday snapshots, nothing, but these were not everyday, plain photos. I realized that as soon as I focused on that nagging feeling of strangeness.

I Want To See What She’s Seeing

NAC Underpass by Abigail Gossage

I love to be surprised by a work of art, and Abigail Gossage’s photograph of the NAC underpass did just that when I stumbled upon it on the artist’s website.

“Wow,” I said. “I want to see what she is seeing.”

Having taken strolls along the National Arts Centre stretch of the Rideau Canal, I knew exactly where Gossage stood when she snapped her shot. My memory, however, recalled only a cold concrete tunnel − not the visually rich and engaging composition of light and shadow, curves and lines, textures and patterns, that the artist captured.